It is time for a congressional overhaul.  Therefore, we need representatives who will praise the president when he does whats right, and criticize the president for wrongful actions.  Currently it is far too common for our politicians to to take political sides, telling only the side of the story that makes themselves look good.  The problem is Democrats and Republicans are not enemies, rather they are political rivals.  Both parties make every attempt or excuse imaginable to avoid putting off negotiating with each other to solve issues.  Only when heavily criticized do they finally come together to address the issues.  Other issues should be kept out of Washington to the greatest extent possible, and we need representatives who understand that.  We need congressmen and women who can bring new ideas to the table and see the United States' as it is today, not as it was one or more decades ago.  Most of all, we need representatives who will get Washington out of individual lives.

Kenneth Morgan Serving You

Kenneth Morgan is a young liberal republican.  His stances are socially center left and fiscally right of center.  He dislikes modern outrage culture and tries to work hard and be ethical in both his words and actions.  His family taught him the values of honor and commitment from a young age, and the military reinforced both those values further.  Having served in Afghanistan and surviving an IED blast, Kenneth is anti war and will oppose any attempts to involve U.S. troops in any unjust war.  He will stand up against any policy that negatively impacts southern Ohio and stay true to his  values in Washington.  Rather than doing what feels good, Kenneth will work to do the most good for the people of southern and southeastern Ohio.


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