Antifa’s First Lone Wolf Terror Attack


For many years, antifa had been skirting the edges of terrorist acts.  Engaging in riots and nonlethal acts of violence.  On Saturday July 13th, that changed when Willem Von Spronsen arrived at the Northwest Detention Center in Seattle Washington with a rifle and incendiary devices.  Spronsen threw these devices at the building and vehicles, igniting one car and also tried to ignite a propane tank but was fortunately unsuccessful.  The terrorist was later gunned down by police after being called by an ICE employee who had seen the rifle.  Click the link below for the full initial story.

The purpose of this post is to show that Antifa now needs to be officially classified as a terrorist organization.  This action by Spronsen meets the criteria for him to hold the same title of terrorist given to his right wing counterparts Robert Bowers and Christopher Paul Hassan.  The difference though is that moderates and most conservatives classify right wing terror acts as terrorism, but we have leftists calling Spronsen a hero.  Leftists are still the minority within the Democrat party, just as white supremacists are the minority of the Republican party.  However, unlike the white supremacists of the Republicans, leftists are quickly gaining power and forcing the narrative of the Democrat party.  They are also largely defended by the majority of the main stream media.

The support for the actions of Spronsen by leftists shows the possibility of future acts of terrorism by other leftists and left wing authoritarians, even by those not associated with Antifa.  The main stream media's unwillingness to condemn the actions of left wing terrorists further emboldens their actions and the media support of far left politicians and activists could lead to moderate Democrats losing the civil war within the Democrat party.

Normalizing terrorism is never a good idea, especially if it comes from your own political side.  Republicans condemn the terrorist acts of right wing figures and have kept its fringe elements as powerless losers that everyone hates.  However, Democrats have been overrun by far left violent extremists.  They are not doing enough to fight off the extremists who have been taking over.  That is why, despite being a classical liberal, I could not in good conscious side with the democrat party.

Kenneth Morgan, candidate for Ohio's 6th congressional district.

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  1. The Klan today is the third iteration of the organization with four centralized groups with different leaders. The information I have found on them is all from the SPLC. Each Klan organization is also a hate group but not necessarily a terrorist organization. Terrorists use violence for political gain, even if the violence does not lead to death.

    Those four groups are The Brotherhood of Klans (BOK), founded in 1996 which is highly secretive and currently lead by a man named Jeremy Parker. The SPLC article on them did not mention actions by this group but did state that they are the largest of the different Klan organizations. They are clearly a hate group but without knowledge of activities they can’t be labeled a terrorist group. That would change if they are found to use violence to achieve their political goals.

    The Church of the National Knights of the KKK (National Knights) founded in 1960 which has a history of be incompetent. 35 supporters showed up for a May 5, 2001 rally while over 200 showed up for a counter protest. When being escorted back to their cars they forgot where they parked and ended up in a fight with protesters in the confusion. They had tried to set up a giant swastica to burn but it collapsed onto the ground and they burned it where it lay, They tried to follow up with a cross but it fell over as well, they cut a piece off the bottom to get it to stand up. They have used violence and also failed to use violence as well and should be classified as a terrorist organization despite their history of incompetence.

    The Imperial Klans of America (IKA). Founded in 1996, this is likely the image most people get when thinking of the modern Klan, and was founded by Ron Edwards. It was members of this group who brutally beat A young 16 year old whom they thought was a Latino. This is also the group I would say classifies as a terrorist organization.

    Lastly is the Knights of the KKK (KKKK, or the Knights Party). Founded in 1975 by David Duke and currently lead by Thomas Robb. This is a non militant, more political hate group. They attempt to use social media, speeches, and the law to get what they want.

    Being separate, centralized organizations with clear leadership and different names, each group needs to be considered on a case by case basis. There are currently dozens of organizations with the word Klan somewhere in their name, though they are not affiliated with the original Klan which disbanded after reconstruction ended. The second iteration was in 1915 and like the original, was one organization with clear leadership and also used violence against black and white activists. Both iterations would qualify as terrorist organizations today, though I do not know if the U.S. had a terrorist classification system in place during the first two versions of the Klans activities. The third that we see today is when the Klan splintered into multiple groups with different tactics. Some use violence and others do not. Some allow women and Catholic Christians to become members and some do not. They all are hate groups though and that should always be remembered.

    The FBI would be the agency charged with labeling domestic terror organizations, but there is no list on the official FBI website that I have found to date. A clear list of domestic terrorist groups is needed. The definition of terrorist activities and terrorist organizations is at look under section (a)(3)(B) parts (iii)(iv) and (vi).

    A few white nationalist organizations that meet the criteria to be named domestic terrorists are the Aryan Nations and were called a terrorist threat by the FBI and Atomwaffen Division. The Order was a white nationalist organization that supposedly became extinct in 1984 after its leader was killed in a shootout with FBI agents. This information was retrieved from Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt, but as for the white supremacist group, The Order, the information seems correct and they no longer exist.

    Beyond just white supremacists, there are also Christian and Jewish terror groups, environmental and animal rights terrorists and a wide range of other ideologies with terror groups. There is no perfect definition of terrorism, but the link above has the definition currently used in the United States. The most simple definition I learned in Political Science class is political violence, but this is not the best definition by far but a general idea of what terrorism is.

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