Ohio is the eighth-largest ethanol producing state in the nation, and Kenneth wants to provide energy producers with the ability to produce even more.  Reducing or fixing energy regulations will further help companies in Ohio to grow their business, create more high paying jobs and expand their production.  Not only do we need more jobs and lower energy costs, but we also need clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.  Simple regulations that tell companies not to dirty our water and investment into clean coal and the clean burning of other fossil fuels can help to achieve this goal.  Kenneth believes it is possible to expand energy production and preserve the environment at the same time.  To do so, we need representatives in congress who understand the importance of both without placing an emphasis on one issue over the other.

On a national scale, we need to invest more heavily into fusion energy research.  Fusion energy produces no green house gasses, has no chances of a meltdown scenario, has abundant fuel and fusion powered plants can be built where ever energy is needed.  The fuel source for fusion energy can sustain the worlds energy needs for hundreds of millions of years.  Now is the time for the United States to build its first prototype fusion plant.

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Kenneth Morgan Serving You

Kenneth Morgan is a young republican. His family taught him the values of honor and commitment from a young age, and the military reinforced both those values further.  Having served in Afghanistan and surviving an IED blast, he understands the values of maintaining a strong military presence around the world.  However, The United States has been fighting in the middle east for far too long, and it is time for us to bring our men and women home.

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