Kenneth Morgan feels that good health care and healthcare coverage are essential for Americans.  However, one size does not fit all.  Everyone has their own healthcare needs and deserves the ability to build their own plan around those needs.  Obamacare restricted this ability, raised the cost of coverage for millions of Americans and harmed both our economy and healthcare system.  Worst of all, Obamacare tried to nationalize healthcare.  The affordable care act can be fixed, or it can be replaced, both are valid options, but it is important that healthcare coverage is made state centered.

We must ensure that nobody is penalized for not having health coverage again as well.  Everyone has the right to choose their own plan, and the choice not to have a plan is still a valid option, though not recommended.

The current system has failed, and Americans cannot afford to live with it for much longer.  Right now is the time to fix our healthcare systems.  We can start by denationalizing healthcare.

The Opioid Crisis

Southern and Southeastern Ohio has been heavily hit by the opioid crisis.  Physicians have over prescribed their patients and dealers have moved into the area, preying on those who are now addicted. Making matters worse, there is little assistance for those addicted.

Like with most problems we face as a nation, this requires a multi-tiered system to fix it.  Additional funding and support to help addicts become clean once again, decriminalizing substance use, more effective training and equipment for police for tracking down drug dealers, proper punishments for doctors who over prescribe harmful medications and the promotion of alternative treatment plans from physicians with patients who can benefit from them.

Kenneth Morgan Serving You

Kenneth Morgan is a young liberal republican.  His stances on social issues are generally center left on the political compass while fiscally he is right of center.  He dislikes modern outrage culture and tries to work hard and be ethical in both words and actions.  His family taught him the values of honor and commitment from a young age, and the military reinforced both those values further.  He will stay true to his belief systems and values in Washington, and work to do the most good for the people of southern and southeastern Ohio.


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