Website is now live

After several weeks, some trial and error and much frustration, the website is now live.  It is by no means complete, with more issues to be added, photos to be added to the gallery, the potential for structural changes to be made to make the site easier to navigate and more appealing and some changes to the images as time goes on.

Regardless, I wanted to get the site ready for viewing as soon as possible.  It is finally at that point now and I'm happy to be able to share it with all of you.  There are some features that I have yet to fully understand and others that I haven't tried using yet, so I will be testing those out periodically with the staging site.

Comments are enabled on all of the issues pages, and here on the blog.  I will be personally moderating the comments for the foreseeable future.  I will remove comments that are not related to the issue represented on the page and anything that is blatantly attacks others for identifying features.

I look forward to reading your comments and receiving your feedback on the issues and any potential improvements that could be made to this site.

Kenneth Morgan, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives

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